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Our results coaching programmes are for individuals, teams and organisations that acknowledge the benefit of support to help them thrive and grow, particularly at times of major disruption and uncertainty, increasing competitive pressure or to simply continuously improve. 

Together we define changes that will enhance performance, drive down costs and delight customers. Ultimately ensuring future success. 


It has been proven that only a systems thinking approach will generate material sustainable improvements. By maintaining a balanced system, continuously improving flow, and maintaining good team health, teams will continuously deliver improving results. So our specialist coaching programmes have been designed to achieve just that, by focusing on five critical system components: Leadership Alignment, Executive Leadership, Emerging Talent, Agile Ways of Working and Change Delivery. Typically, only one  or two elements are needed at a point in time, but it is reassuring to know that collectively they provide a holistic solution. 

And to ignite energy,  and up-the-pace, we have designed Xcelerators,  which are discreet innovative studio events to realise tangible benefits quicker.


All our Coaches/Mentors are certified in Brain Based Coaching with the NeuroLeadership Institute. This brings a scientific dimension to the process of change, and through the application of the SCARF Model, developed by Professor David Rock, the coaching process brings an engaged towards state; supporting a growth mindset, creative thinking, increased motivation and positive engagement. Improving clarity, focus and increased success in delivery of results.


We know your time is valuable, so our sessions are structured to be short with high impact.  We see our Coaches as a mentor for change. YES, you must do the heavy lifting, but the mentor brings the discipline, support, experience, techniques and tools. To maximise the productivity and impact of your time investments.

Uniquely, we focus only on coaching, which means not doing the work for you. Our clients like this because it means No Abdication,  you have to participate to build your future.  So, at times this can be hard and challenging, but afterwards our clients are thankful that we created the stretch, kept them honest and supported them in successfully achieving their goals


We understand that investing time is difficult, so we tailor the programme to your preferred pace, and to the times that work for you from 6am to 10pm.  With 1-on-1 coaching provided in person, or via zoom or skype, making it even easier for you to find a quiet space to create a Time2Think.


Why not give one of our six core programmes for teams or individuals a go, and if you don't see value  we will give you your money back. 

You are in safe hands


With 20 years experience supporting clients to GROW,  from major blue chip banks to SMMEs, we have the depth of experience to bring the right tools, techniques and incisive questions, at exactly the right time. Maximising your return on coaching investment. 


The Results Coaching System™ is a unique Brain-Based Coaching methodology that is scientifically grounded, process based and outcomes focused. Facilitating results with clearly articulated and well structured processes, providing clarity around ways forward by focusing firmly on setting and achieving objectives


Whilst coaching is a self-directed approach, meaning we guide you to find your own solutions and future path, you are welcome to draw upon our depth of insights in Business Transformation and Business Management to deepen your understanding and inform your thinking. Tailoring the programmes to help you seize your most exciting opportunities.

What is coaching

This short video by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), who set the gold standard for coaching, provides some insight on what coaching is about, and how it helps you to fulfil your aspirations.

We take coaching seriously, and all our Coaches are ICF accredited, or working towards their accreditation

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